What is TRH?

TRH is the native staking token recognized by the Triumph protocol.

Through its role in collateralizing the mechanisms that secure the

price-stability of TRH stablecoins and modulate the incentives of validators,

TRH serves as a foundational asset for the entire Triumph network and ecosystem.

In the following, we describe the TRH profile:

Token name: Triumph
Ticker: TRH
Total Supply: TRH

TRC20 : 18 (Compatible to ERC-20 Ethereum)

TRC10 : 6
Algorithm: Tron Super Representatif
Consensus: PoS/SPoS
Mainnet: Tron Blockchain
Technology: TRC-20 / TRC10
DeFi Storage: DAppRadar
Pairing: TRX, BTC, ETH, USDT
Exchange: Bololex, PoloniDex
Digital Wallet Available: Trust Wallet, TronLink, Token Pocket, Tron Wallet
Compiler Version: Solidity 0.5.8
Smart Contract:

TRC20 : TPx3ZSspNpityNYy3iGk2yhCZhDN4DSU8q

TRC10 : 1003655

Official website: